Pomsky: 8 reasons to adopt one

Pomsky dog breed

The Pomsky is a subject of debate because it is a newer breed and it has not been officially recognized yet. This breed is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky.

This dog breed is so adorable and it is becoming more and more highly sought after!

1. Pomsky, a rare dog breed

The Pomsky is a rare dog breed. This is due to how new the breed is and the fact that there are not many Pomsky dog breeders out there. For example, in 2020, only one Pomsky breeder existed in France. Even through the breed is getting more and more popular, it is still relatively rare.

It’s important to be careful! Because the Pomsky is a rare breed, some dishonest breeders claim that their dogs are Pomskies when in reality it is not the case. This is notably the case for “fake Pomskies” with blue eyes because they are even more rare than Pomskies with green or brown eyes. You can avoid these types of situations by asking for DNA tests of the puppy that you are trying to adopt.

2. The Pomsky is intelligent

The Pomsky inherited the character of the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky. This dog breed is very intelligent, which allows them to understand diverse daily situations very quickly. It is important as an owner to exercise a Pomsky’s intellect. To do this, train your dog often and regularly from a very young age!

We recommend signing your Pomsky up for activities outside so that they can expend their energy. Activities such as agility and canicross will help your dog exercise their intellect and reinforce your bond.

3. A very affectionate dog breed

Pomskies need a lot of attention and really love spending time with their owners. They have a very balanced character, which allows them to have playful moments but also calm moments when they can hug and cuddle with their owner.

4. Every Pomsky is unique

As no official standard has been established for the Pomsky breed yet, this dog can be very different based on their genealogical tree. For example, the Pomsky can be a small, medium, or large dog breed.

The color of their coat can also vary. Just like the Siberian Husky, Pomskies can be black, chocolate, fawn, gray, or white. Very often the colors can be mixed and be a coat pattern that is called harlequin.

In addition, the color of their eyes can vary from Pomsky to Pomsky. This breed can have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes, or even eyes that are different colors. Lastly, these dogs can also have a few different character traits. Because of this, these dogs are really unique.

5. This dog is robust

As the Pomsky is crossed with the Siberian Husky, this dog is very robust. Because of this, the Pomsky can easily adapt to life in countries where the temperatures are extremely cold. Regarding their health, we do not have enough information to predict diseases that this dog could have. However, like for all dogs, a regular visit to the vet, a healthy diet, and the respect of its needs allow your dog to stay as healthy as possible.

6. The Pomsky is suitable for life with a family

Similar to most dogs, it is best to avoid leaving this dog alone with children. However, if you keep your eye on your children and this dog, you can absolutely allow them to live together in harmony. The Pomsky is a playful dog, so it will be happy to share moments with a child. In addition, it’s important to put some rules in place for your dog and your child so that everything will go well.

7. The Pomsky loves to play

The Pomsky is a very playful and rather active dog. However, keep in mind that it’s difficult to predict the character of this dog because the character can vary from dog to dog. With that being said, for the most part, this dog is rather playful and will always be willing to play. We recommend making play time a time for training and bonding for you and your dog.

8. The Pomsky can adapt to life in an apartment

While this dog is active, it is still a well-balanced dog breed. This dog can live in an apartment. There are, however, a few conditions to respect your dog’s balance. First, it’s important to make sure that your dog has the opportunity to go outside every day and provide your dog with play time and activities. Also, it’s best to have a defined spot in the house where your Pomsky can relax.