Large dog breeds

Discover the variety of large dog breeds: learn about their origins and the history of these breeds through science, legends and anecdotes. Explore the differences in their physical characteristics, health, behavior and personalities.

Each breed profile allows you to understand more about the specific physical and emotional qualities of each large dog breed. After all, every dog offers something different and unique! Depending on your lifestyle, learning about these differences will help you to determine their compatibility with you, and vice versa..

Despite their imposing size, many large dog breeds are calm and affectionate. Often, these dogs are well-suited to family life and get along well with children especially.

Large dog breeds typically weigh over 30kg, with some reaching up to an impressive 80kg!

Among the largest of the breeds are the Great Dane, Mastiff (and its varying namesakes), St. Bernard, Akita Inu, German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Weimaraner, Leonberger, Dogue de Bordeaux, Irish Wolfhound, Cane Corso, Husky, Scottish Deerhound, and Newfoundland.


The Beauceron is a short-haired herding dog that is also known as Berger de Beauce and Bas Rouge.

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