Small dog breeds

Discover the variety of small dog breeds: we explore their origins and the many historical references of these dogs. Reading through the range of articles, you will learn all about their physical characteristics, health, behavior, and large personalities for their size.

Each breed profile allows you to understand more about the specific physical and emotional qualities of each small dog breed. After all, every dog offers something different and unique! Depending on your lifestyle, learning about these differences will help you to determine their compatibility with you, and vice versa.

Small in size but big in heart, these dogs will bring you a lot of love! Small dogs are often quite active with strong and sometimes stubborn personalities to boot. Therefore, you’ll need patience and time with training sessions.

Small dog breeds generally weigh under 10kg. Some even reach a maximum of just 3kg as adults!

Among the most well-known small dog breeds are the Chihuahua, Japanese spaniel, Pekingese, Shih Tzu, Fox terrier, Jack Russell, Maltese, Corgi and Yorkshire terrier.

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Chihuahuas are known for their sassy, “big dog attitude”, confident natures. Learn all about the world’s smallest dog breed here.

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The Pug is a loving, sociable, playful and loyal small dog breed. Find out more about this child-friendly breed.

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