Cats – unique, mysterious, loving creatures that have us hook, line and sinker!

There’s no denying the love for our beautiful cats. Their unique ways, their love and affection, their independence and the way they communicate. Cats provide us with a sense of wild love that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Here at LetsGetPet, we explore their undying beauty from the many breeds to their coat markings and colors to important information about their health, wellbeing and care.

Come join us and enter the world of cats!

How to play with your cat

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to understand your cat's behavior. By understanding their …

Why does my cat lick me?

Cats can lick you for many reasons. For example, it can be a sign of affection, to better decipher smells, …

Turkish Angora

Originating from Turkey, the Turkish Angora is an elegant cat characterized by its long, silky coat and lack of an …

Bombay cat

The Bombay cat is a playful and affectionate cat breed, popular for its breathtaking black panther-like appearance.


The Munchkin is short-legged and friendly and is often compared to the Basset Hound or Dachshund. Its legs are 5 …