Cats – unique, mysterious, loving creatures that have us hook, line and sinker!

There’s no denying the love for our beautiful cats. Their unique ways, their love and affection, their independence and the way they communicate. Cats provide us with a sense of wild love that can’t be replicated elsewhere.

Here at LetsGetPet, we explore their undying beauty from the many breeds to their coat markings and colors to important information about their health, wellbeing and care.

Come join us and enter the world of cats!


The Chartreux is an independent, calm, and affectionate cat breed. Read on to learn more about this blue cat breed.


The Ragdoll is a very gentle and docile cat breed. These cats truly enjoy playing with children. Read on to …


The Korat is endearing, calm, and playful. This cat breed is known for its characteristic blue coat and green eyes. …

American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a calm, friendly, robust, agile, and cheerful cat. This cat has a thick and curly coat …

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is a medium cat with a short and curly coat. It is an intelligent, playful, and friendly …