Adopting a kitten after the loss of your previous cat

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After the loss of your cat, you might feel the need to adopt another kitten to fill the emptiness that you feel. However, this is an important and delicate decision that you should think long and hard about. For example, what do you need to do before welcoming a new feline to your home?

Take the time you need to grieve your previous cat

The loss of a cat is tough to overcome, no matter the circumstances (sickness, age, or aggression). Letsgetpet will give you some advice to help make it a little easier.

Express your emotions

The bond a cat has with their owner is unique. It’s important to not suppress your emotions when you lose a pet. If you feel anger, heartache, or pain, don’t be afraid express it. Speak about how you to feel to your loved ones.

With that being said, it isn’t always easy to find people who understand how you feel. Your friends and family members might have a hard time fully understanding your sadness. If this is the case, find other cat parents who have also lost a pet and confide in them. They will understand how you are feeling and be able to give you advice to help you overcome this hardship. You can look for groups and pages dedicated to cats on social media. These are ideal to find people who understand your situation.

You can also contact a vet to express how you are feeling to them. These professionals have most likely already met people who have lived through the same situation as you. They should be able to accompany you psychologically and give you precious advice to overcome your sadness.

Suppressing your feelings after the loss of your cat can be bad for your health. For example, it can create emotional stress and, in severe cases, various cardiac disorders. Tell yourself that your pet would not have liked to see you in this state. Continue to take care of yourself to honor their memory.

Only keep the strict minimum of your cat’s belongings

Many belongings (toys, collars) can bring back memories of your cat after they pass. Even the areas of the house where they enjoyed spending time and furniture that they scratched can make you remember your fond memories of them. For this reason, it’s best that you get rid of these objects and only keep the strict minimum. You can keep ones that are truly meaningful to you and that you can use when you decide to adopt another kitten. You can also donate items to a local rescue.

To help you get through the loss of your feline companion, offer them a funeral. You can carry out a funeral rite of your choice. Some pet owners prefer burying their cats in a cemetery for animals. If you have enough space on your property, you can opt for burial on your plot. However, make sure to respect the sanitary rules required. Cremation is also another common alternative. It allows you to keep the ashes of your pet in an urn.

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Before you decide to adopt another kitten, make sure you think long and hard about what this decision entails and if you are ready for it.

Adopting a kitten after the loss of your cat: what you need to know

Transitioning between the acceptance of the loss of your cat and the decision to adopt another kitten is a delicate step. Letsgetpet explains what you need to know before welcoming a new companion.

Your new kitten is not there to replace your previous cat

Every pet is unique, just like the bond that you develop with them. It’s important not to compare your previous cat with kitten. They still have a lot to learn. You need to be patient with them and accompany them while they are integrating themself into your life.

Cats can be affected by the negative emotions of their owners. If you are tense or anxious, they will feel it and could start to develop behavioral problems. It’s best to not adopt a kitten too quickly. Take the time necessary to grieve your previous companion.

As soon as you have accepted the loss, you will be able to give the maximum amount of attention to your kitten so that they can grow and live happily. Don’t consider your bond with this kitten to be a continuity of what you shared with your previous cat.

Adopting a kitten can help you overcome the loss of your previous cat

Adopting a kitten will allow you to return back to your daily habits: feeding, watching over, training, and playing with them. You will be able to give yourself goals and feel proud of seeing them grow and blossom. Before taking on this new adventure, think hard and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Are you ready to welcome a new member to the family?
  • Are you able to give them the attention and care that they need?

If you have other cats at the house, adopting a kitten can be beneficial for them too. They can feel emptiness after the loss of your cat. They might isolate themselves and become depressed. The arrival of a new companion can help them get through this painful experience. They can learn to get to know one another and play together, and this also can help you move forward.

How do I prepare for the arrival of my new kitten?

Welcoming a new kitten requires responsibility and good preparation. Follow this advice to make it easier for your new pet to integrate themself more easily into your household.

What you may need

To bring your kitten to your home, prepare a secured cage with a sheet or blanket at the bottom to absorb the harsh movements during the drive home. Also, make sure to drive gently and talk to them to reassure them.

The house must be prepared to allow them to feel as comfortable as possible. Prepare a safe space for your kitten. Choose a comfortable and peaceful area where you can place a a bed, a pillow, or blankets.

In general, cats prefer a different space than the one that you chose for them. In that case, you might need to move the accessories you prepared. Plan ahead about the bowls (one for water and one for food). For the food, ask the previous owner about their daily habits. Ask for advice from your vet if you wish to change their diet.

Plan to have a clean litter box ready, far from where they sleep and positioned in a calm area. During the first few days, place your kitten in there when they wake up and after their meals. Use their paws to scratch the surface. They will be able to understand the function and get along well on their own after that. You can also buy toys to keep your new companion entertained and occupied.

The proper way to socialize your kitten

If you want your kitten to live happily, their socialization needs to start as early as possible. You need to manage their behavior with simple rules and encourage interactions. Play with them at least three times per day for around 10 to 15 minutes. Before letting them outside, make sure that they are identified and are up to date with all of their vaccines.

Keep an eye on them in the beginning, because they start to become autonomous only around the age of 6 months. To be sure that they always return home, allow them to leave before their meal and show them their bowls when they return. Leave a door open and keep your backyard safe so that they cannot escape. Be patient and know that your kitten will take some time to meet your expectations.

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