Top 5 perfect cat breeds for apartment dwellers

Apartment cat breeds indoor

Our feline friends love the warmth that houses provide, and do not hesitate to take over every nook and cranny of our homes. The same goes for our felines friends in apartments. Some cats are just as happy in smaller spaces. In fact, some breeds have character traits that are more suitable to life indoors. For example, they do not feel the need to adventure outdoors. In addition, their character, which is more gentle, makes them the best companions for apartment dwellers.

If you live in an apartment and are looking to adopt a cat, here are five perfect indoor cat breeds that do well in apartments.


The Ragdoll breed comes from the United States. It originated from a cross between a Maine Coon and a Bengal in the 1960s. This breed is known for being one of the calmest cat breeds in the world.

The character of this apartment cat

The term “Ragdoll” references how easy it is to handle this cat without them ever showing aggressiveness. In addition, as this cat is very calm, they love the comfort of their home and are very discrete cats. They can easily spend their days alone inside the house, but appreciate just as much the company of other animals, dogs or cats. The Ragdoll is not very demanding when it comes to going out, it is therefore not a problem for this cat if your apartment does not have an exterior area.

The Ragdoll’s ideal family

This is a very affectionate cat that loves being petted and lets themselves be approached by everyone in the family, notably by children who can take care of this cat without the fear of having this cat be aggressive. This cat is often compared to a dog not only because of the loyalty that they show to their owners, but also because of their size, which is rather large for a feline: weighing 3 to 9 kilos ( 6.6 to 19.8 lb). Some Ragdolls are taller than 40 cm. In addition, this cat breed needs their coat to be groomed regularly and play daily to keep them stimulated.

To summarize, the Ragdoll is known for being a gentle and affectionate cat. They adapt perfectly to apartment life, even when other pets are present. This is a loyal companion that looks as soft as a teddy bear.

Apartment cat indoor Ragdoll
The Ragdoll is not very demanding when it comes to outings.


Behind the Chartreux’s grayish blue coat lies a very intelligent cat. This breed is often confused with the Russian Blue because of their appearance, but we can distinguish them generally by their orange eyes and fluffy coat. They are known as one of the most well-loved cats, particularly in France where the breed originated.

The character of the Chartreux

The Chartreux is a dynamic and curious cat with an affirmed personality. They are known for being very loyal towards their owners, but without being invasive. The Chartreux is still generally a calm cat and is discrete as they do not meow much. Cats of this breed adapt easily to their environment and are just as happy as in a house than in an apartment.

The Chartreux’s ideal family

The Chartreux pleases cat lovers and those who know how to appreciate their temperament. They are independent cats that like their freedom. However, they will not hesitate to follow their owner everywhere they go to keep an eye on them. They appreciate the calm and serenity in the household.

Indoor cat apartment Chartreux
The Chartreux is a dynamic cat with an assertive character.


While often overlooked, these cats are wonderful companions that are sociable and affectionate.

The official birth of the first litter of Sphynx kittens was recorded in Canada in 1966. The discovery of the breed is very recent, even though some talk about the first appearance of these felines in the 1930s.

The character of the Sphynx

While the Sphynx cat may be seen as less approachable, these cats are incredibly affectionate, some might even say clingy. This breed seeks human contact, much like Ragdolls, and are known for their dog-like behavior. The Sphynx really needs human warmth and to be stimulated with games and toys regularly.

The particularities of the Sphynx

To begin with, these cats need a lot of attention. In addition, as they are a hairless cat breed, they need to be groomed regularly. This is because all of the sebum that secretes from their body stays on their skin and can become very oily. To keep them healthily groomed, it is best to bathe them once or twice a month.

It is also important to point out that these cats are much safer indoors than outdoors. This is because these cats need to be protected from U.V. rays. In addition, these cats are sensitive to the cold. Because they do not have fur, they burn more calories than other breeds to keep themselves warm. For this reason, their food intake should be greater than other breeds.

While the Sphynx cat is hairless, be careful to not choose a Sphynx if you are allergic to cat hair. The allergy may be less severe but the allergens are still present.

The ideal family for the Sphynx

These particularities make apartment life perfectly suitable for the Sphynx. They are at ease with other animals and do not have a hard time sharing their space.

Sphynx cat indoor apartment
The Sphynx is a cat that asks for a lot of attention.

Persian cat

Persian cats never go unnoticed because of their flat nose and magnificent coat. This breed is a unique not only because of its appearance but also because of its way of life.

The Persian cat’s character

The Persian cat is a sweet and gentle feline, that does not show any sign of aggressiveness. However, they need their life to be well-structured. This is because Persian cats like to have a routine and do not appreciate changes when it comes to their daily life. For example, their food bowl, litter, and bedding should always be kept in the same spots.

If you decide to adopt a Persian cat, keep in mind that they appreciate having multiple areas to relax in. Because of this, these cats are often compared to sloths.

The Persian cat’s ideal family

The Persian cat’s long and silky coat makes it look particularly elegant. To keep these cats well-groomed, they need to be brushed regularly.

These cats enjoy spending time with children. As long as they can slip away whenever they want to have some peace and quiet, they can live perfectly well with a family with children.

As this breed is very peaceful and calm, they can live happily in an apartment without needing to spend time outside. To ensure that they are happy and comfortable, it is best to provide them with several cozy spots to relax in.

Persian apartment indoor cat
The Persian cat owes its elegance to its long and silky smooth coat, which needs to be groomed regularly.


The Sacred Cat of Burma, also known as the Birman cat, is the perfect apartment cat.

In 1920, around Nice, the Birman was born from a cross between a Siamese cat and a Persian cat. This blue-eyed cat is the subject of many tales and legends. Their incomparable beauty makes them the direct competitor of the Maine Coon. In addition, while the body of the Birman is imposing, it is less so compared to the Maine Coon.

The Birman’s character

While this cat’s head is similar to that of the Siamese cat and its coat similar to that of the Persian, the same cannot be said about this breed’s character. The Birman’s character is instead a fine balance between these two breeds: calm and gentle. In addition, Birmans are very friendly and curious cats that are truly interested in the world around them. They are also particularly devoted to their owners.

It is important to point out that the Birman does not like solitude and can easily get bored. Fortunately, the Birman appreciates the presence of other animals in the household.

Lastly, this breed is known for being sensitive. They will not hesitate to show their owners their discontent.

The ideal family for a Birman cat

The Birman is often described as the perfect cat for cat lovers. They are ideal if your are searching for an affectionate companion that enjoys caresses and attention. Whether they are surrounded by children or in the company of a small amount of people, this cat knows how to make a place their home. While these cats appreciate having a variety of toys to occupy their day, they still prefer real interactions with their owners.

Birman breed cat apartment indoor
Birman cats get very attached to their owners and do not like being left alone.

All of the cats listed in this article are calm and gentle breeds. These characteristics make them wonderful apartment cats. With that being said, it is possible for other breeds to become accustomed to living indoors as well.

There are many ways to help make your cat feel happy and at home in your apartment. For example, you could provide them with an extra litter box and a cat tower. Also, to satisfy your cat’s hunting instincts, you can play games often and provide them with a variety of toys. A well-equipped apartment will ensure that your cat feels safe and comfortable.