Cats expresses themselves with their body, with noises but also by their behavior. Loving your cat means doing everything possible to understand him or her. This includes recognizing unusual behavior that may be indicative of stress.

When we adopt a cat, it is important to understand their way of communicating.

Understanding cat behavior is a goes hand in hand with understanding your cat. Through their behavior, they can express joy, discomfort, excitement or stress.

Stress is a very common problem in cats. Many factors can cause it: a change of environment , a new person or animal in the home or even new food. The list is long. It is often complicated to find the root cause of the stress because the feline is a complex animal. Very often, it is difficult for us humans to understand.

By reading our articles, you will be able to better understand your cat’s language, your cat’s behavior and detect his or her stress more easily. The goal being to remedy it as well and early as possible in order to live in harmony with him.

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