Why does my cat meow constantly?

A cat walking around in the nature meowing

Our four-legged friends cannot communicate with us the way that we communicate with other humans. Instead, they meow to express how they are feeling. However, sometimes cats can do this non-stop. In this article, we will look at why cats meow constantly.

What does it mean when a cat meows?

Meows can have many different meanings behind them. They are almost always used to communicate with humans.

A way to communicate with humans

To interact with each other, cats rely mostly on scent. Meows are used almost entirely for humans. However, young kittens can also let out a meow to their mothers. As they are overwhelmed by their arrival in a new place, young kittens have a tendency to meow a lot to communicate their feeling of insecurity. In these cases, you just need to show patience and affection to them so that they will feel more comfortable.

Some breeds naturally meow more than others. For example, the Balinese cat, the Siamese cat, and the Sokoke are much more talkative than other cats.

A useful way to express their needs, wants, and desires

In general, when a cat meows, it is because they want to express their needs. Whether it be because they want to go outside to play or because they are feeling lonely, cats meow to try to communicate with us. For example, a meow can mean that your cat is thirsty, hungry, needs to cool down or warm up, or the litter is too dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Cats who are in heat can also meow constantly. They are reminiscent of a kitten’s meows. Cats can also meow to show their desire for hugs, caresses, or play time.

Lastly, in some cases, meows can show your cat’s emotional state. It might express their stress, anger, loneliness, or pain. This meow does not normally sound like a typical meow. If you notice your cat feeling this way, don’t panic, there are many ways to observe how your cat is feeling before taking them to the vet.

A kitten in the grass meow
A kitten meowing while looking up.

Why does my cat meow all the time?

If your cat meows constantly, it’s important to try to decipher their needs in order to respond quickly.

When a cat meows because they want attention

Cat owners naturally start to worry when their cats meows more often than usual. This is a perfectly normal reaction. However, if your cat meows a lot, this does not necessarily mean that your cat is suffering. Before getting your cat examined, take the time to analyze the situation to better determine what is making your cat react this way.

First, if your cat is an indoor cat, they may simply being meowing because they are bored. If your cat spends time alone at home all day, it’s important to find activities and toys to help keep them entertained throughout the day. A cat tree or toys will help keep your cat from getting bored and meowing out of desperation to attract attention. Cats need attention and may meow sometimes to remind their owners of their presence. All you have to do is respond to your cat’s need for attention. However, it’s best not to respond too quickly. If your cat gets used to seeing you run towards them every time that they meow, they might try to meow all the time for anything and everything.

If instead your cat meows because they want to go outside, do not hesitate to open a window or door so that they can feel free and can come and go as they please.

Similar to humans, cats can also feel stressed. This feeling can change their behavior and make them meow more often. It’s important to be there to try to understand what is bothering them.

Your cat’s body language might hint at how they are feeling

Cats also try to communicate with us through their body language. Observe your cat’s body language when they meow to try to understand what message they are trying to get across.

For example, when a cat meows and raises the hair on their back, it usually indicates that they are frightened. Another example of a cat using their body language to help them communicate is when a cat rubs against you. This usually means that they want to be petted. When a cat associates their meow with a type of body language, the meaning of their meow can become much clearer.

Cats typically change their attitude and behavior when they are suffering. For example, your cat might become more aggressive or more apathetic when they are not feeling good. They might even hide or move very little. Cats can suffer both physically and mentally. In fact, stress is a common problem in animals. As you know your cat better than anyone and your cat trusts you, they will express their discomfort with particular sounds or a change in behavior.

My cat keeps meowing a lot: can I do anything to help calm them?

There are many tips and accessories that can be used to calm cats down, which should also decrease how often they meow.

A cat staring straight and meowing
You can invite your cat to play to help them feel less stressed.

Ways to reduce your cat’s stress

If your cat is meowing more than usual, harming themselves, or even getting sick often, it could be because they are feeling stressed. If you notice several of these symptoms at the same time, there are a few ways that you can calm them down. It’s important to make efforts to soothe your cat because stress can have serious consequences on a cat’s health. As soon as you notice the first signs of stress in your cat, make efforts to try to treat the problem.

To begin with, you can try to reprimand your cat less. While it may not be easy if your cat does things such as urinate on the bed or couch, if you raise your voice often, it could be stressful for your cat. Instead of stopping when you reprimand them, your cat might continue out of stress and you’ll find yourself in a vicious cycle. The most important thing is to make sure that your cat trusts you and feels safe with you. It can be difficult for your cat if you show too much authority.

You can also try to keep your cat stimulated by trying to get your cat to play. For example, when you aren’t home, you can leave out toys for your cat to play with. These toys can be balls of paper, plastic mice, or even little sticks. As cats are predators at heart, they feel the need to hunt. One way to keep your cat from being stressed is by placing several bowls of food around the house. This is much better for them because cats prefer to eat in small quantities throughout the day.

Anti-stress accessories for cats

Here are a few other methods to help make your cat feel more comfortable. Some people recommend using Bach flowers. It is an excellent way to reduce a cat’s stress. These are available in the form of droplets that you can put in water to help calm them down naturally. You can also consider using a diffuser with valerian essential oil to help soothe your cat.

There are also accessories that are specially designed for cats to feel safer. For example, a calming pillow, which is typically very soft with lifted ends will make your cat feel like they are being protected in a cocoon. There are also special cat collars with plant extracts such as valerian that diffuse for several weeks.