How to keep your cat stimulated on a daily basis

How to keep your cat stimulated on a daily basis

Has your cat been suffering from boredom or putting on weight? In this article, we will share a few helpful tips that you can follow to keep your cat stimulated throughout the day.

Rethink the layout of your home to keep your cat stimulated

In order to keep your cat stimulated, you need to make sure that they feel comfortable in their home.

Design your living space with your cat in mind

Without necessarily rearranging everything your living room and creating a small cat theme park for your cat, it is possible to make a few small changes to ensure your cat’s comfort. You can start, for example, by making sure that your cat’s litter box is in a quiet place and that it is cleaned regularly. You should also provide your pet with food and fresh water. Setting up a little space or bedding for your cat to rest in is a great way to make your cat feel comfortable.

A cat tree

Just like you, your cat needs a space of their own to recharge their batteries. For this, cat trees are the perfect solution. As most cat trees have scratching posts, your cat will be able to mark their territory and will more likely leave your furniture alone. Cats also like to be up high to observe their environment. The ideal spot for a cat tree is near a window so that your feline friend can observe birds and insects outside. This will help to stimulate their hunting instincts. If you cat tree has small toys hanging from it, your cat can play with them and treat them like prey.

A cozy spot for your cat

Have you bought a cat bed only to notice that your cat leaves it hopelessly empty. Does your cat prefers sitting on the windowsill or under the bed? Your cat needs a place to sleep or to watch for prey in peace and quiet. Observe your cat and try to find their favorite spots in the house. You can then put a small blanket in this area, along with a few toys and even a scratching post if you have enough space. This will allow your cat to rest and play around in that area.

The best cure for boredom is play time

Without a doubt, the best way to keep your cat both physically and mentally stimulated is by playing with them and providing them with toys.

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Take time to play with your pet

While cats are known to be rather independent animals, it is important to take the time to play with them. Otherwise, your cat will get bored. There are a wide range of cat toys on the Internet, in pet stores, and even in grocery stores. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money to play with your cat! A simple cork or a few feathers attached to a string will provide your cat with hours of play time. Similarly, a ball of made out of aluminum foil will definitely make any cat happy. They will have the time of their lives playing with it.

A real gem in the world of cat toys, laser pointers are a great hit with cats. Point the laser at the wall for your cat to chase. Your cat will be doing somersaults and jumping like a kangaroo to reach it. It’s important, though, to keep fragile objects away from the play area. Most importantly, be careful not to point the laser in your cat’s eyes.

Teach your cat to play on their own

While you may enjoy playing with your cat, you probably have to go to work or have other errands to run. For this reason, it’s necessary to teach your pet to play by themselves. For instance, you can invest in a ball that dispenses treats. All you have to do is fill the ball or toy with their favorite treats and throw it to them before you leave. Your cat will then have a fun time rolling it around the house, trying to get the treats out. In fact, your cat probably won’t even notice you’re gone because they’ll be busy “hunting” for their meal. Another benefit of a treat dispensing toy is that your cat won’t be able to gobble everything up in one go because they will have to work for it.

Have you ever noticed your cat hiding in empty boxes or bags? Why not leave your cat some cardboard or paper bags to play around in? Your cat will have lots of fun hiding and even perhaps fall asleep inside.

A dog and cat playing together
A kitten and puppy playing together.

How about a new friend for your cat?

If you want your cat to be stimulated, adopting another pet will also help fight boredom.

Another cat

If your cat spends a good part of the day alone, adopting another feline is a great way to fight this boredom. However, while this idea seems great on paper, it’s hard to tell whether cats will get along with each other. Similar to human beings, some people have a hard time dealing with each other. It is, therefore, recommended to adopt a cat with a similar personality. For example, if your cat is calm, it’s probably best not to adopt a super active kitten.

Additionally, you will have to make sure that each one of your cats has their own space and personal zone where they can keep their food bowl and litter box. If, after a while, your two felines start to get along wonderfully, you can leave them alone in complete serenity. On the other hand, if they have a hard time getting along, you might be putting your cats in a state of stress. For this reason, it’s important to take all the necessary precautions to ensure that the relationship is healthy.

A dog

It’s possible for canines and felines to have strong friendships. Nevertheless, if you are interested in adopting a dog to keep your cat company, you should first find out about the dog’s personality.

To start off with, the dog must be playful, but not aggressive. The dog should also be able to live in harmony with other animals. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll need to prepare a few things. First, you should provide high hiding places for your cat to take refuge. Next, you should isolate your cat’s bowl and litter box so that the dog can’t access them. If, despite all these efforts, the relationship is not going well, consider calling an animal behaviorist who should be able to find a solution.


An aquarium filled with fish can also help to keep your cat stimulated. They can spend hours watching them—almost hypnotized. Fortunately, there is no risk of a conflict between your cat and your fish. Just be sure to close the aquarium and place it on a stable surface to avoid the risk of tipping.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep your cat mentally and physically stimulated. This will also allow your cat to avoid boredom and avoid getting overweight If going out in the garden is not possible, the best solutions are to set up their living space, play with them, and keep your cat company with other pets. It’s up to you to find the best solutions for your feline friend.