Why does my dog cry?

Why is my dog crying?

It’s always difficult for a dog owner to hear their companion cry. It also brings up the question—why are they crying? Is it because they are unhappy? Is it because they are suffering from an illness? We ask ourselves a thousand questions in situations like this but we must keep in mind that the way that dogs behave is not always comparable to humans. In this article, we’ll take a look at why dogs cry.

Why do puppies cry?

The most common time for a dog to cry is during its first few months, when it is still an inexperienced puppy.

Anxiety from leaving their siblings

When you adopt a puppy, your puppy is leaving their mother and siblings and finding themselves alone in a new environment with new people. This sudden change can be quite disturbing for them and requires them to adapt to everything new around them. It is quite normal for a puppy to show their anxiety through crying. Their anxiety is more intense at night, when they would usually sleep snuggled up with their siblings to stay warm. You could use a blanket or towel with familiar smells from the breeder to help calm your puppy when they are feeling particularly stressed.


Puppies are dependent on the families who take them in. They tend to get close to a couple of people in order to feel safe and secure. When the people that they depend on go to work or school, they are left alone in a new environment. This make them anxious and causes them to cry. For this reason, it is best to gradually train your puppy to get used to a bit of sollitude. We recommend that you start by leaving them alone for five to ten minutes from time to time. The goal is to have them understand that when you leave, it is not because you are leaving permanently. TIt is important that your puppy learns this because it is better for their well-being and for your peace of mind.

An attempt to attract attention

Dogs, no matter how young, understand human behavior very quickly and instinctively. They know that by crying, their owner will rush to reassure them or give them whatever they want. If you listen to your dog every time that they cry, you’ll get your puppy into a bad habit. To prevent your puppy from taking advantage of you, don’t rush to your dog when they start whining. Instead, ignore them a bit until they start to calm down. You should also be the one to start engaging with your puppy first. You shouldn’t expect your dog to always be the one seeking interaction. We also recommend that you give your dog toys or activities to do so that they can enjoy playing on their own.

This little puppy is about to cry

Why do adult dogs cry?

Even as adults, dogs will sometimes make a whining sound similar to crying. This might be to signal a problem or to get their owner’s attention.


When a dog wants to go outside, they may cry at when sitting in front of a door. When they are hungry and want food, they might cry near their food bowl. If no one answers their request, they might turn to barking instead. This is their way of expressing their impatience and it’s perfectly normal.

If they have to relieve themselves, it is of course best to listen to your dog when they are crying to go outside. This is especially so if you have a young dog who cannot yet hold their bladder. However, it is important to make sure that your dog doesn’t cry just to go for a walk. When it comes to crying in front of their food bowl, you should not let them rule over you. If you give them food right away, your dog will become accustomed to asking for it at any time, simply out of greed.

They cannot stand being alone

If not properly trained in this regard, your adult dog may become anxious whenever they are left alone. This could become a real problem. Your dog may cry, bark, destroy your belongings or even howl like a wolf. Learning to be alone is very important because a dog that whines all day might annoy neighbors and get you into trouble.

Soothing pheromone sprays and diffusers are available to reduce stress problems in dogs. Anxiety affects a large number of canines. Some practical pipettes and collars used against fleas and ticks contain, in addition to the anti-parasite repellent, extracts of valerian and lavender with an anti-stress effect.

You can also find all sorts of toys to keep them busy. You can find squeaky rubber toys, balls that serve as kibble dispensers, and toys filled with treats.

They are ill

An older or sick dog may be in pain and let you know by crying. This is some of their only ways for them to express their pain. It is therefore important to observe your pet carefully and not to systematically believe that it just because they are begging for something. If your dog starts to cry out of nowhere without an apparent cause, you should consult a veterinarian. Dogs may also cry at night because they are suffering from nocturnal disorders.

They are understimulated

A very active animal will also cry for your attention because they are bored or understimulated. If your dog is super active, this is the type of dog you can take to activies like agility or cani-cross. This will allow you to stimulate them physically and mentally. The role of a good owner is to meet these needs as best as possible. A long daily walk of about an hour is often enough to satisfy him. Let them interact with other dogs and people, let them discover different places and sniff new smells. Your dog will love it and most likely stop crying.

They are afraid

A dog from an animal shelter may have had a painful past. If they cry every time you walk away from them, they may be afraid of being abandoned again. It will take a lot of patience to help them get over it.

Some animals are fearful and so unaggressive that they will cry instead of bark when a noise frightens them. Some dogs get anxious when they enter the veterinarian’s waiting room because it reminds them of a bad memory. Others worry when they go on vacation or move. Don’t try to reassure or pity them, as this will only add to their stress. Instead, try to distract them and divert their attention through play. Be cheerful and pass on your enthusiasm.

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How should you react to a crying dog?

When your pet starts to cry, there are some things that you should avoid at all costs. There are also other things that you can do that are very beneficial for your dog.

What not to do

Above all, it’s very important to avoid yelling at them or punishing them for crying. Most of the time, it is a way for them to express them uneasiness or let you know how they feel. It is a way for him to communicate.

Don’t go overboard either. If every time your pet cries, you run over to cuddle them or give them a treat, they will soon realize that they can do this to get your attention and get what they want. If they are crying because they want something, don’t fall into the trap. Your dog will end up taking advantage of you.

What to do

Don’t always do things the same way and in the same order when you go away. This way, your companion won’t know that you are leaving and start crying right away.

Act indifferent and wait for your dog to calm down. They will quickly understand that they will not get anything they want from you just by whining.

You can also buy a soothing pillow for your four-legged friend and set aside a place for them to sleep where they feel safe.

Generally speaking, the first thing your should do is to find the cause of the crying. Once you’ve identified the cause, you can consider different solutions depending on whether it’s a health problem or a training problem. Dog trainers have specific methods for stopping these behaviors. Veterinarians can prescribe a medical treatment or a type of antidepressant to calm your pet. They could also treat your dog in case of illness.