The Pug is a small dog breed measuring up to around 36cm once fully grown. Depending on the gender, they can weigh up to 8kg. Life expectancy typically ranges from 12-15 years.

Pugs are known for their playful, affectionate personalities. They are very loyal and like to remain close to their owner. Therefore it’s important to understand that separation anxiety is common, particularly with owners who are not often about.

In terms of health, Pugs are susceptible to breathing difficulties, particularly in hot and humid environments. Also watch out for weight gain.

The playful side of Pugs makes them a great companion for families, especially those with children. They enjoy being active but will equally value calm time with you – a balanced dog in many ways.

Pugs are well adapted to city life and do not require long walks as they will tire quickly. A short 20-30 minute walk will be sufficient, although this should never be done in the heat of the day. And if you’re a homebody at heart, a Pug will love you even more!

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The Pug is a loving, sociable, playful and loyal small dog breed. Find out more about this child-friendly breed.

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