How do I choose the right dog bed for my dog?

A dog sleeping in a dog bed

No matter the breed or size of your dog, dog beds are incredibly useful accessories. This is because dogs spend around half of their day sleeping. For this reason, it is also important to find a dog bed that is suitable for your dog. If you choose one that fits your dog’s needs, they will feel safer, more comfortable, and more relaxed.

When choosing a dog bed, it’s important to take into account several criteria. Ideally, it should be easy to wash—preferably in the washing machine. It should also be big enough for your dog to sleep in without feeling squished. In addition, the bed needs to be comfortable. Lastly, it should be a bed that your dog appreciates relaxing in.


To begin with, it’s important to know how big the bed should be. The dimensions need to allow your dog to be able to sleep comfortably.

Measure your dog

To ensure that you choose the right size, you can measure your dog. Start by having your dog stand up. Then, measure how long their body is from their nose to their tail. After, add 15 to 20 centimeters to this measurement. This will take into account how long your dog is when they sleep with their legs stretched out.

The ideal size for your dog

Now that you know the measurements of your dog, it should be easier to choose the ideal size bed for your dog. When you choose a size that is suitable for your dog, you are allowing your dog to lie down more comfortably and feel more protected when sleeping.


For the most part, the shape of your dog’s bed should be determined by the size of your dog. You should also observe how your dog lies down when they are relaxing in order to determine which shape would be better for them.

Round dog beds

Round beds with raised edges offer dogs a feeling of physical and emotional security when they lie down. When in search of reassurance and security, small dogs enjoy lying down in small round beds with edges. 

Rectangular dog beds

Rectangular dog beds that are flat are easier for senior dogs to access. Large dogs also like being able to stretch out their legs in large rectangular dog beds without edges.

Other shapes

Round and rectangular dog beds are not the only beds to exist. There are also many other shapes, both with and without edges. When choosing a dog bed, keep in mind that your dog will evolve throughout the years. Even if your dog seems to like one type of bed at the moment, it does not mean that your dog will like this type of bed throughout their entire life.

A small dog lying down on a round bed
When in search of reassurance and security, small dogs enjoy lying down in small round beds with edges.


It’s really important to take into account what the bed is made out of when deciding which one would be best for your dog.

Plastic dog beds

Plastic dog beds are resistant. In addition, they are super easy to clean and are more hygienic than other materials. This is the ideal dog bed for puppies who are not potty trained yet. These types of dog beds are also great for puppies because they are resistant to biting and chewing. For more comfort, you can add a blanket, a rug, a pillow, or a mattress to the plastic bed. However, if the dog bed is for a puppy, it is important to verify regularly that your puppy has not destroyed the padding.

Cloth and leather dog beds

Dogs beds that are made out of cloth or leather are more suitable for adult dogs than puppies. One benefit of these materials is that they are very comfortable. However, the downside of cloth beds is that they can get dirty very easily. For this reason, these types of bed should be washed regularly. The downside of leather is that it can get damaged very easily.

Wicker dog beds

It’s also possible to choose a wicker dog bed for your dog. The rustic design can match perfectly well with the rest of the furniture in your home. However, make sure to put a pillow inside the bed so that your dog can sleep comfortably. While these dog beds are pretty, this kind of bed has a few disadvantages. These dog beds are not recommended for puppies or dogs with destructive behavior. This is because they can get hurt if they ingest the pieces of the wicker bed. If you decide to get this kind of bed for your dog, you will need to verify regularly that the bed is still in good condition. In addition, these dog beds are not the most hygienic. It is difficult to wash them thoroughly because dust can get stuck between the branches. 

Your dog’s needs

Choosing the ideal dog bed for your dog means choosing a bed that corresponds to their specific needs. Of course, their needs will continue to evolve throughout their life. This means that you might have to change the model if the dog bed no longer fits your dog’s needs.


Plastic is the perfect material for puppies because it is resistant to their bites. In addition, it is easy to clean and hygienic. These dog beds are ideal when it comes to accidents or flea and tick infestations. Because of their small size, puppies need a small bed. As they grow older, you might need to buy a dog bed that is better suited to their size.

Senior dogs or sick dogs

A rectangular dog bed without edges and a memory foam mattress is a good choice for senior dogs who suffer from arthritis. The soft texture relieves their joints.

Heated dog beds are also an excellent choice. The heat allows your dog to feel less stiff and relieves their pain. 

A dog lying down on a large rectangular dog bed
A rectangular dog bed without edges and a memory foam mattress is a good choice for senior dogs who suffer from arthritis.

Where should I put my dog’s bed?

For your dog to feel reassured, it should always stay in the same place. This is after you have found the ideal place, of course. 

Calm area

To begin with, the bed needs to be placed in a zone where people do not walk by too much. It should also be away from where children play around a lot. In addition, the area needs to be calm and close to where you spend most of your time. It should not placed too far away from you. If their bed is in a more isolated area, your dog will feel rejected and develop behavioral problems.

The ideal spot

The ideal spot should respect where your dog sleeps naturally. However, it’s important to point out that some places are not suitable for dogs and can have harmful consequences on their behavior. Dogs are pack animals and you are the leader of your dog’s pack. Their dog bed should never be high up or in the center of a room. These are positions of surveillance and control. A bed that is placed in an isolated area or under a piece of furniture can also make your dog asocial and overprotective of their hidden zone.

What you should avoid

Keep in mind that the bed should not be placed too close to a door or window. This will prevent you from hitting your dog’s bed with the door. It also ensures that your dog is not be bothered too much by the sunlight. It’s also best to avoid ventilated zones or areas with draughts.

Keeping a dog bed clean

When choosing a dog bed, make sure to take into account the time that you are willing to dedicate to cleaning it. In general, it is best to prioritize bedding that is easy to clean. 

Remove dust weekly

For the comfort of your dog, it’s best to regularly vacuum and air out your dog’s bed.

A thorough cleaning at least once every two months

It’s best to buy a bed with a removal cover or a bed that is made out of plastic. We recommend the first option because they are easy to clean and can be put in the washing machine. The second option requires you to wash the bed yourself, which is less pleasant.

Flea and tick treatment

Regularly, you need to spray flea and tick treatment on the fabric of your dog’s bedding. This keeps your dog in good health.

Choose a dog bed that fits the style of your home

When it comes to the design and color of the bed, you can choose one that matches your personal taste and interior design. For example, you can buy a modern dog bed or a vintage dog bed. If you prefer custom made furniture, you can consider a personalized dog bed.


The color can fit well with your interior. However, it’s best to avoid colors that are too light or too dark. These types of colors can get very dirty. Your dog’s bed will always look like it isn’t being taken care of properly. 


The design can also perfectly fit your home. It can add a touch of originality and style to your home. You can find what fits your home the most: an industrial style dog bed, a chic dog bed or even a luxury dog bed.