Blue and gray cat breeds

Blue and gray cat breeds really stand out. Their charisma is unmatched. FOr this reason, this coat color is often very sought after. They look especially mysterious in the dark!

The blue-haired cats are elegant because of their coat color and their golden eyes.

Gray cats are just as beautiful. Depending on their marking, the length of their hair and the color of their eyes, they are just as sought after.

It should be noted that these coat colors can be found in many breeds. Lastly, their personality is related to the breed and how they were educated rather than the color of their coat.

Among the cat breeds with a blue or gray coat, there are the British Shorthair, the Russian Blue, the Korat, the Chartreux, the Nebelung, and the Persian


The Chartreux is an independent, calm, and affectionate cat breed. Read on to learn more about this blue cat breed.


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