5 magnificent gray cat breeds

Although most people consider these cats to be gray, breed standards call them blue. Gray cat breeds have a very elegant and majestic look. The color of their coat makes their golden or green eyes stand out.

In this article, we list 5 sublime gray cat breeds, officially called blue cats.

1. The British Shorthair, a rather calm gray cat

As the British Shorthair’s name suggests, this cat comes from England. They appeared during the first cat show organized in London at the Crystal Palace in 1871.

The British Shorthair is recognized for its majestic appearance and its majestic build. They have a very round body and their tail is short and thick. According to the breed standard, this cat can be 17 different colors..

As for this gray cat’s character, it is rather balanced. It is sometimes calm, sometimes playful, which makes it a perfect pet for families with children. This cat breed also knows how to adapt to its environment very well, which is why it is quite popular. In addition, the British Shorthair is very intelligent, attentive, and quickly understands what is going on.

You can read more about the British Shorthair cat breed here.

British Shorthair

2. The Chartreux, an independent gray cat

This cat is one of the oldest breeds in Europe! After the Second World War, the Chartreux almost became extinct. However, breeders managed to keep this breed alive by crossing them with British Shorthair cats.

This gray breed is recognizable by its incredible coat. Its color is intense and varies from blue/light gray to blue/dark gray. In addition, the fur of the Chartreux is very dense. This cat has a strong look and a dignified physique. Its paw pads are grayish-pink.

It is important to know that this cat breed, despite its robust appearance, is quite fragile. For example, the Chartreux can easily present urinary problems. Its diet must therefore be very healthy and it is important to ensure frequent hydration.

The Chartreux is also a rather balanced cat. They are not aggressive and prefer to run away from situations that annoy them rather than to use their claws. This gray cat is ideal for families because they get along very well with children. Even though this cat is independent, it still likes to play from time to time. Lastly, the Chartreux is an ideal cat for people who already have a dog or other cats.


3. The Korat, a sensitive gray cat

The Korat cat breed comes from Thailand, where they are called “Si-Sawat” (สีสวาด in Thai), meaning “good omen”. These cats are believed to represent good luck. The Korat cat is often confused with the Russian Blue, which we will cover later in this article.

Regarding the Korat cat’s body, it has a rather thin silhouette. It is nevertheless very muscular. Its cat can have silver shades under the light. This emphasizes this cat’s large, expressive green eyes.

The Korat cat’s personality is quite similar to the breeds previously presented. They are independent and calm. This cat appreciates human presence, even though it seems that it does not care. They are also considered a cat-dog because they love their owners and are very faithful to them. In addition, the Korat cat is joyful and active.

Finally, it should be noted that this cat breed is sensitive to temperature variations. Also, it can suffer from respiratory or lipid storage disorders such as gangliosidosis.

Korat cat

4. The Russian Blue, a shy gray cat

To begin with, the Russian Blue has an athletic physique. It is a gray cat with a fine and slim silhouette. The coat is short and shiny.

This cat breed is rather shy. It likes solitude and being indoors. As this cat is very discreet, it is easy to live with and care for. Moreover, the Russian Blue can spend hours languishing on the couch and being caressed. Similar to other gray cat breeds, the Russian Blue needs a calm and peaceful environment to be happy.

Living in an apartment will suit this gray cat perfectly.

Russian Blue

5. The Nebelung, a rather rare gray cat

The Nebelung is native to Russia. It is similar to the Russian Blue because they both share the same genetic characteristics. However, the Nebelung is a rather rare gray cat breed. With that being said, a few Nebelung cat breeders still exist in France and other places around the world.

This cat breed has a very elegant and harmonious physique. Its coat is very full with semi-long hair that highlights this cat’s beautiful green or yellowish eyes. When it comes to the ears, they are large. The tail is long and bushy.

Regarding the Nebelung’s personality, it is a calm gray cat. This cat can live in an apartment without a problem. It is a discreet cat that also needs moments of play. Even though they are very sociable with the people and animals that they already know, they do not typically trust strangers that easily.