White dogs: 10 dog breeds with immaculate coats

White puppy lying down in dog bed

White dog breeds come in all shapes and sizes! Some have short coats, while others have long coats. In this article, learn about 10 dog breeds with coats as white as snow.

Long-haired white dog breeds


The Maltese dog’s origins date back so far that it is difficult to retrace their history with certitude. According to different studies that were conducted, the breed is believed to have been domesticated during ancient times and were believed to be highly prized by the Romans at the time. At the time, Maltese dogs were seen as a sign of wealth. They were typically found near the Mediterranean sea, especially in port cities where they were used to hunt down pests. While the name might suggest that this breed is named after the island of Malta, this is not the case.

This dog’s features make them look both haughty and graceful. When it comes to their coat, it is shiny and silky. It can be either white or ivory. While the Maltese’s coat is gorgeous and gets them a lot of compliments, it is long and requires frequent grooming. Their eyes are black and their ears are triangular hanging down on each side of their head.

Apartment life is suitable for these white dogs. They are known for their strong bonds with their owners and their need for attention. As these dogs are particularly courageous, they would not stop at anything to defend their family. In addition, as Maltese dogs are friendly by nature, they get along well with children and other animals. This is especially the case if they were brought up together. When it comes to training the Maltese, this dog is highly intelligent and relatively easy to train.

Regarding their health, they are robust and have an average lifespan of around 15 years or more.

White Maltese dog with tongue out outside
The Maltese is a small dog breed.

White Swiss Shepherd Dog

As this breed’s name suggests, the White Swiss Shepherd Dog originated in Switzerland. These dogs are white and do not exist in any other colors. They are part of the German Shepherd family and were mainly white in the past. However, the white color disappeared from the German Shepherd standards in 1933. The White Swiss Shepherd Dog breed could have disappeared during this time period. However, thanks to the dedication of many breeders, the white color remained. In 2003, the FCI officially recognized the White Swiss Shepherd Dog as its own breed.

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a powerful, muscular, and robust dog. Their coat is medium-long or long with an abundant undercoat. The topcoat is smooth, shiny, and rough.

This is a working dog, with strong muscles. However, these are also sensitive dogs. They can form great bonds with their family and they love children. However, it is important to be careful when you are in contact with this dog. They are sometimes shy toward strangers.

White Swiss Shepherd dog sitting in the grass
The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a powerful, muscular, and robust dog.

German Spitz

There are five varieties of this dog breed. Some traces of this dog breed even go back to the Stone Age. At the time, they resembled the Keeshond. In the Victorian era, during the second half of the 19th century, the breed became miniaturized. It was during this period that the Pomeranian dog grew very popular.

The standard of the German Spitz recognizes five sizes: the Pomeranian (toy), the German Spitz Klein (small), the German Spitz Mittel (medium), the Keeshond (medium), and the Giant German Spitz. The most common colors for German Spitz dogs are a mix of cream and orange. However, it is also possible to find German Spitz with a full white coat. Their coat needs frequent grooming to stay beautiful and avoid knots.

German Spitz dogs are joyful and affectionate. These dogs form strong bonds with their owners, but can be wary towards strangers. In addition, as they are intelligent, they are quite easy to train.

Two German Spitz dogs staring up
German Spitz dogs are joyful and affectionate.

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier originated in Scotland, originating from a cross between the Cairn Terrier and the Maltese. Another name for this white dog breed is the Westie. Their color and allure were perfected over the years. This robust has a robust allure. They are known for their stunning white coat. However, it is important to keep in mind that these dogs need frequent grooming for their coat to stay beautiful and immaculate. It is recommended to brush them every day. However, when it comes to baths, it is best to avoid giving them baths too often as it can irritate their skin.

The Westie is a joyful, lively, and dynamic dog. They love long walks and are perfect for families with children. Additionally, these dogs form strong bonds with their owners. They would never refuse a hug. It is important to keep in mind that this dog can be a bit invasive. Training this dog breed from a young age is necessary to set certain limits.

West Highland White Terrier walking around in the garden
The Westie is a joyful, lively, and dynamic dog.


The Poodle originated from a cross between a Barbet and a Puli dog. They are excellent hunters in water, especially when it comes to hunting ducks.

Their coat grows continuously. Moreover, they lose very little hair and do not truly have a molting period.

They are one of the most intelligent dogs, and their desire to make their owner happy makes training them very easy. With that being said, they can sometimes be a bit stubborn. Grooming the Poodle is quite tedious, notably if you want them to participate in competitions. On average, it is recommended to give this dog breed a bath every two to three weeks and make sure that their ears are clean. Poodles also exist in black and brown.

This dog is very sociable and creates strong bonds with their family.

When it comes to their health, the Poodle is quite robust. However, you need to keep an eye on their ears which are prone to ear infections. Their average lifespan is around 15 years.

White Poodle lying down in the grass
The Poodle is one of the most intelligent dog breeds.


The Samoyed originated in Siberia. Their name comes from a tribe of nomads that live in the north of the desert: the Samoyeds. Originally, these dogs were used to herd cattle, to pull sled, and help hunt bears.

The Samoyed that we know today is entirely white, but this was not always the case. The first of these dogs could also have a coat that was black, cream, or a biscuit color. The white Samoyeds only represented a small minority amongst other colors. However, the white dogs were the most appreciated. They were the only ones to be brought to Europe.

This dog is part of the Spitz family. They are of medium size with a compact body and a tail that is held high and curved. Their white coat is thick and dense. Their face has a particular expression that is known as the “Samoyed smile”.

They are independent and stubborn, but know how to be gentle and affectionate with their family, especially with children.

To stay in good shape, these dogs need to exercise. They love participating in different physical activities with their owners. If you enjoy hikes, it is a good idea to take your Samoyed with you.

White Samoyed lying down in dog bed
Their face has a particular expression that is known as the “Samoyed smile”.

Short-haired white dog breeds


In France, the most well-known Sighthound is the Whippet. They are considered to be dwarf Sighthounds. The Whippet as we know today made its first appearance in the 14th century, while the breed was present much earlier. The Whippet was the result of a cross between a a Greyhound and certain Terrier breeds such as the Fox Terrier. Certain crosses with the Italian Greyhound were also made. This breed was recognized in 1899 when it started to take part in working-class rabbit-chasing competitions in the North of England. The name Whippet comes from the expression “Whip it!”. This expression was used by English miners during the competitions. In 1955, the breed was officially recognized by the FCI.

The Whippet is a very dynamic and physically active dog. With a thin appearance, they have long legs that give them a lot of speed. They can reach 60 km/h ( 37.3 mph) during a sprint. Their coat can be white, but also brown and black.

Despite their athletic physique, it is a calm dog that is not always affectionate and demonstrative. They are very discreet and do not bark much. Also very sensitive, they form bonds with their owner even if they aren’t the type of dog to spread hugs and licks. These dogs get along well with children. It is important to keep in mind that these dogs are not outside dogs. They like the reassuring aspect of the indoors and would enjoy spending their time in a comfortable area relaxing. Despite all of this, it is necessary to have them run at least once per day and to exercise or take part in canine sports for their well-being.

When it comes to their health, it is a solid dog breed, but they do not like the cold or the rain. In winter, you can take them out for walks as long as they have a suitable coat with them.

White Whippet standing outside looking to the side
The Whippet is a very dynamic and physically active dog.

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is easily recognizable thanks to the unique shape of their head. The breed appeared during the 19th century in England under the direction of James Hinks, who carried out numerous crosses to develop the breed. The goal was to create a Bull Terrier with a coat that was perfectly white. There are two types of Bull Terriers: medium-sized and miniature.

This is a dog that is full of enthusiasm with a calm character. They are courageous and witty with a loving attitude. Extremely intelligent and affectionate, they appreciate the company of children a lot. The Bull Terrier has the natural instincts of a guard dog. They can sometimes be independent and obstinate. For this reason, this is not a dog for first-time dog owners or people who are inexperienced when it comes to dog training.

Physically, the Bull Terrier is unique. Solidly built, muscular, active, and agile, this dog has a lot of strength for its size.

This dog’s coat is made up of a short, coarse coat to the touch, with undercoat in winter.

For their happiness, it is necessary to provide them with time to exercise and play daily as well as time to cuddle. They appreciate walks outdoors and physical activities that allow them to exercise. If their needs are not met, they can develop undesirable personality traits.

White Bull Terrier outside in grass side of face
The shape of the Bull Terrier’s head is easily recognizable.

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is stocky with short legs that has been present in the United Kingdom since the medieval era. In the past, they were used in bullfights for several centuries and bred for this purpose. The most aggressive aspects of the dog were the most sought after. However, after this type of fight was banned by the Parliament in 1835, the breed also disappeared. Because of this, a group of breeders fought hard to save the breed from extinction by reproducing only individuals with a calm character to get rid of any traces of aggressiveness.

These dogs are robust and have a heavy body. The head is large compared to its body and has a numerous amount of folds in their skin on their head and the body. The main physical characteristic is their prognathic lower jaw, meaning that the lower jaw protrudes.

Behind the English Bulldog’s molossus physique lies a courageous and very affectionate dog. It’s also a stubborn dog that needs firm and rigorous training. The English Bulldog is a homebody, but will happily follow you during your walks. Lastly, their short muzzle makes them sensitive to the heat, so it is important to be careful during heatwaves.

White English Bulldog outside in the grass
The English Bulldog is a stock dog with short legs.

Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier appeared during the 19th century thanks to English pastor John Russell. It is a medium-sized dog with a compact body, good proportions, and flexibility. Their physique makes them perfect for hunting foxes and other small game. Therefore, it is above all a working dog with a dynamic personality.

The Jack Russell Terrier has a smooth coat that is slightly rough. The color of the coat is generally white, with a few fawn and black marks. Do not hesitate to regularly brush them to get rid of dead hair. You can give them a bath from time to time, especially after a walk under the rain.

This dog breed is very energetic and needs to exercise daily. To channel this energy, do not hesitate to make them run or organize physical activities with them, like agility or canicross. Training sessions are also very useful for the breed.

Beyond this abundance of energy, the Jack Russell Terrier is an affectionate companion and very intelligent that will be happy to be surrounded by those they love. These dogs do not handle staying along very well. They need movement and life around them to feel happy. Jack Russell Terriers are at ease in the company of children with whom they know how to be gentle and patient.

Jack Russell Terrier standing outside
The Jack Russell Terrier is a very energetic dog.

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