How to choose a shampoo for your dog

Dog in bath shampoo

To keep your dog well-groomed, it’s important to make sure that they take baths regularly with suitable products. As there are a large amount of options available, it can be difficult to find a shampoo that is suitable for your dog. You need to take into account several factors to ensure your dog’s well-being. In this article, we’ll share tips to help you choose an appropriate shampoo for your dog.

How often should I wash my dog?

Your furry friend needs to take a bath to stay clean and preserve the beauty of their coat. However, this should not be done at any time or in any way. Our pets don’t have the same needs as us when it comes to hygiene. Choosing the right time to wash your dog is just as important as choosing the right product.

Your dog’s coat is the first barrier to protect their body against external factors. Washing your dog too often can cause their skin to have a physiological imbalance. This can, in turn, weaken their natural protective barrier and expose the surface of their skin to infections. To ensure that your dog stays hygienic, specialists recommend washing your dog every four to six weeks. Depending on the breed, type of coat, your dog’s state, and where they live; you can wait around two months or more between baths.

By spacing out grooming sessions, you are reducing the harmful effects of shampoo on your dog’s skin. Essentially, you are preserving the sebum film that protects their epidermis naturally against external threats. However, it’s possible to rinse your dogs paws regularly with water, as well as take off mud and dust to keep them looking clean. If you recently adopted a puppy, it’s best to wait at least three months before cleaning them for the first time.

What are the different types of shampoo for dogs?

There is a large range of shampoos specifically designed for dogs. Each formula (dry or wet) presents characteristics and is suitable for a particular use. Recognizing the particularities of these different products will allow you to better guide yourself towards the one that is the most suitable for your dog.

Shampoos for washing your dog

This category includes shampoos that are used to clean. They integrate ingredients that allow you to maintain your dog’s coat and skin health by getting rid of dust and other dirty elements. This type of product usually costs less because it only provides one benefit. These types of shampoos are best for dogs without any skin problems and who only need to stay clean.

Nourishing shampoos

This type of formula has substances like vitamins and nutrients, useful for the development of your dog’s coat. In addition to washing your dog, this type of product keeps your dog’s coat aesthetic and vigorous. Nourishing shampoos should be prioritized for dogs who suffer from skin problems, nutritional deficiencies, or stress. While they do not provide a definitive solution, using them could keep the situation under control.

Treatment products for dogs

Shampoos that are used as treatments are designed to soothe your dog while keeping them clean. It can help against itching, inflammations, and allergies, or correct a lack of hydration because of their particular composition. It soothes, purifies, and nourishes the skin to calm symptoms.

Formulas to maintain coat color

What makes color-enhancing shampoos so special is their ability to preserve your dog’s coat. Their role is to conserve the properties of your dog’s coat while cleaning it. Some products fight specifically against the yellowing of the coat of white dogs. Others revive the coat to make it shinier. With that in mind, it’s important to be careful when using these shampoos to avoid issues.

Anti-hair loss and detangling shampoos

Anti-hair loss formulas allow you to slow down the loss of hair caused by natural hair loss or by a medical condition. They contain certain ingredients which can contribute to stopping the phenomenon or encouraging hair growth. This option allows you to limit the damage, but not correct the issue entirely. Detangling shampoos make brushing easier if you have a dog with a long or tight coat. This type of product reduces the formation of knots and makes grooming your dog easier.

Small dog in bath groom shampoo

Do I need to choose a shampoo based on the type of coat my dog has?

The type of coat your dog has is a criteria that should not be ignored when choosing a shampoo for your pet. Each breed needs specific attention which is defined based on their characteristics. Collies, Cocker Spaniels and Maltese dogs, who have long coats, do not need the same care as a Jack Russell Terriers, Boxers, or German Shepherds, who have short coats. You will find products designed to respond to the needs of every type of coat.

A dog with a hard coat needs to use a shampoo that relaxes the fibers and facilitates brushing, while preserving the rigidity. A formula that conserves shine is suitable for animals with a short coat. Long-haired dogs, on the other hand, need a shampoo that detangles and is easy to rinse. Breeds with a curly coat should opt for a hydrating and nourishing shampoo. The type of coat is not the only criteria to consider, however. You need to take into account other elements to be sure to make the right choice about the product.

How do I find the ideal shampoo for my dog?

To choose a qualitative product that is perfectly suitable for your dog, study your dog’s way of life and the amount of baths that they need to take. The formula composition, odor, and color of the coat of your dog should not be ignored.

Take into account the colors of the coat and the state of their skin

Shampoo can have an effect on the color of your dog’s coat. To preserve the shine and aesthetic of the coat, it’s important to choose a suitable product. Every shampoo targets a specific need. In addition, the skin of your dog should determine the type of care to prioritize: normal, oily, or dry skin.

Evaluate the style of life of your dog

Analyze your dog’s way of life. Do they enjoy running? Are they more peaceful by nature or do they tend walk a lot? Do they like to go outside or enjoy spending time in the backyard? Depending on the response to these questions, the product that you need to buy will not be the same. You can consult a vet to ask for tips when it comes to choosing a shampoo that is right for them.

Analyze the composition of the shampoo

Opt for a high-end shampoo. To know if the product is good quality, read the label. This should have the ingredients listed. Prioritize formulas with a natural and simple composition. They are more gentle on your pet’s skin and allow you to limit the risks associated with artificial elements with dubious effects.

Take into account the smell of the shampoo

Don’t choose a product that has a smell that is too strong. A smell that is too intense can bother your dog. Dogs have a highly developed sense of smell. For this reason, it’s best to avoid buying a shampoo that has an aggressive smell such as grapefruit, lemon, or other citrus fruits. Instead, learn towards soft and light aromas like vanilla, lavender, and aloe vera.