Top 8 British cat breeds

Asian Semi-longhair cat breeds

Many cat breeds come from the United Kingdom. In fact, almost every country that makes up the United Kingdom has a breed of their own, whether they come from ancient genetic evolutions or recent crossings. Whether they be short-haired or long-haired, affectionate or reserved, there are British cat breeds for all cat lovers. Here are 8 British cat breeds!


This unique cat breed is originally from the Isle of Man, which is close to Ireland and England. These cats have no tail and have become the symbol of the Isle of Man. Many different legends describe how these cats have lots their tail.

The Manx has a particularly round morphology, including the eyes and the ears. In addition, the Manx is a muscular and robust feline. These cats have kept their hunting body and mind and are capable of catching rodents and fish.

The Manx is affectionate, playful, and extremely active. Moreover, the Manx needs a lot of attention and does not handle solitude very well. For this reason, these cats do well living with a family with children and living in a house with a garden.

Manx cat breed
Moreover, the Manx needs a lot of attention and does not handle solitude very well.

Cornish Rex

The first Cornish Rex was created by accident in the Cornwall region during the 1950s: a domestic cat gave birth to a kitten with an appearance similar to the Astrex rabbit. Other genetic crosses were then made to stabilize the breed and refine its appearance.

This breed has a long body with a very thin tail. The Cornish Rex has curled whiskers and crimped or curly fur. This cat’s elegant and thin morphology does not take away from this cat’s robustness. Cornish Rexes are particularly strong and muscular.

As Cornish Rexes are very sociable, they can happily approach humans and cats, which makes this companion perfect for large families. This animal needs a lot of attention and likes to be taken care of. Because this cat has a strong character, when they do not get enough attention, the Cornish Rex does not hesitate to express themselves by meowing or even by searching for another family that is more welcoming.

Cornish Rex British cat breed
The Cornish Rex approaches both humans and other cats voluntarily.

Asian Semi-longhair

Originating from a cross between a European Burmese and a Persian Chinchilla in 1981, the Asian Semi-longhair is often confused with the American Burmese or Chantilly-Tiffany. This cat’s morphology is close to that of the Burmese, except that the Asian Semi-longhair has a semi-long coat while the Burmese is a short-haired cat breed. The Asian Semi-longhair’s fur, which is soft and dense, is sepia colored coat and is one of the main particularities of this cat bred.

Beyond the dignified and aristocratic physical features of this breed, the Asian Semi-longhair has inherited many qualities from their ancestors. As this cat breed is calm and sociable like the Persian cat, this cat knows how to ask for attention and be independent. In addition, the Asian Semi-longhair is curious and playful. Because these cats are very affectionate, it can sometimes cause them to show signs of jealousy towards other cats. This cat is the ideal companion for seniors living alone in an apartment.

Asian Semi-longhair Tiffany British cat breed
This British cat breed is curious and playful.

Scottish Fold

As the name suggests, the Scottish Fold is originally from Scotland. The first cat of this breed was born in 1961 in a farm situated next to a British Shorthair breeder. The Scottish Fold was noticed for their folded ears towards the front.

There are two varieties of this breed. One has short hair and the other has long hair (also called the Highland Fold). While their health is solid, because of the morphology of the Scottish Fold, it is important to pay close attention to them to avoid auricular infections.

With a calm and affectionate nature, the Scottish Fold shines for its loyalty towards its owner. Even if this British breed can appreciate living with a family, this cat will quickly choose their favorite human and will not hesitate to ask them for signs of affection. Very agile but not very active, this cat adapts perfectly well to life in an apartment, especially because they do not meow a lot.

Scottish Fold cat breed
The Scottish Fold shines for its loyalty towards its owner.

Havana Brown

This British cat breed is a descendant of the Siamese and they originated in Siam. They are the result of random crosses. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the British searched for a long-lasting cat breed by crossing chocolate Siamese cats, Russian Blues and black domestic cats. As the name suggests, the Havana Brown has a brown, short and shiny coat. They have green eyes and brown whiskers.

As Havana Brown cats are very tactile and affectionate, these cats are perfect for children and for seniors who are active in their homes. These felines follow their owners closely throughout their daily life and adapt very quickly to new environments. In addition, the Havana Brown can easily be taken on vacation and enjoys living in an apartment as long as they have enough toys.

Havana Brown cat breed
The Havana Brown has a brown, short, and shiny coat. These cats have green eyes and brown whiskers.

Seychellois cat

The history of the Seychellois cat is unique and the cat breed is rather recent. In the 1980s, Patricia Turner conducted research to recreate a breed that was once endemic to the Seychelles that is today no longer in existence. By crossing Siamese cats with Oriental Shorthairs, bi-color Persian cats, and Balinese cats, the Seychellois cat breed officially saw the day in England in 2005. The Seychellois cat is characterized by blue eyes and by a coat that is predominantly white with colored markings on the tail, head, and the paws.

Because these cats are active and lively, the Seychellois cat has a character that is close to that of the Siamese. Their curiosity pushes them to explore every corner of their territory. This means that their owner needs to keep a close eye on them. As they are also very vocal and affectionate, they appreciate the company of children, but also seniors who live alone, as long as they stay home to take care of these cats who does not handle being alone very well.


The name of this breed is a mix between their two origins: the Burmese cat and the Persian Chinchilla cat breed. The birth of the first Burmilla kittens was due to their crossing in 1981. The dark pigmentation around their eyes and nose is their main distinction, with either yellow or green eyes. This British cat is different from the Asian Semi-longhair because of the length of their coat. The Burmilla’s coat is short and dense.

As Burmillas are very intelligent, these cats are perfect for owners who want to teach their pet tricks. The Burmilla is very playful and will have a great time learning. In addition, their energy and playfulness makes them want to try to get be the center of attention by any means possible. These cats need an outside area to be able to run around freely.

Burmilla cat breed
The Burmilla is very playful and will have a great time learning.

British Shorthair

The British Shorthair has a very long history that starts with their arrival on the British Isles thanks to the Romans who had taken cats who originated in Egypt with them. These cats reproduced freely with wild cats in Europe. Over the centuries, these semi-Egyptian cats adapted to the British climate and the British Shorthair was recognized in 1871. The British Shorthair is easily recognizable for its enigmatic smile, round cheeks, and large eyes.

Once appreciated for their hunting spirit, the British Shorthair has progressively become a popular pet thanks to their character and their majestic air. This cat breed is naturally calm and reserved, which makes this cat rather quiet and very affectionate with the members of their family. As these cats are not very active and laid back, this cat can live perfectly well in an apartment.

British Shorthair cat breed
The British Shorthair is a popular British cat breed.