Everything you need to know about cat breeds that look like wild felines

A Bengal cat breed that looks like a wild animal

Some cats look so much like wild animals that if it weren’t for their size, it would be extremely difficult to tell them apart! In this article, we will introduce you to 7 different cat breeds that look like wild animals!

Wild felines share a few common characteristics with our domestic cats. These characteristics can be physical, instinctual, or behavioral.

#1. Egyptian Mau

This cat breed’s coat looks a lot like that of a leopard. The Egyptian Mau breed is quite rare, but is starting to be bred more often because it is sought after for its unique features. The Egyptian Mau is also a lot like a wild animal because it’s very quick. This makes the cat an excellent hunter. To keep your Egyptian Mau happy, it’s important to have enough space for it. While this cat breed is known to be very active, the Egyptian Mau is also very loyal to its owner. It can become very attached to them. This cat understands children well and knows how to stay calm when it is at home. Therefore, this cat’s personality is very balanced. With that being said, this cat is wary of strangers.

Egyptian Mau cat breed wild
Egyptian Mau

#2. Toyger

The Toyger is a rare breed. From its name, you could probably tell that this cat looks like a miniature tiger. The name is a combination of the words “toy” and “tiger”. This cat breed’s coat looks incredible, like that of a tiger. Nowadays, Toygers are not bred in Europe. For this reason, the breed is rare. Regarding its personality, it is particularly intelligent and affectionate. It is also very sociable and attached to its owner. In addition to all that, the Toyger is not afraid of strangers and adapts very well to families with children. It is a very lively cat that will often ask you to play.

Toyger cat wild

#3. American Bobtail

As its name suggests, the American Bobtail comes from the United States. It looks like a wild animal because of its almond-shaped eyes. Its physique is athletic and powerful. The American Bobtail can have two different coat lengths. They can be short or medium-length. Regarding the American Bobtail’s personality, it is very affectionate and loves to spend time with its owners. In fact, its personality is often compared to that of a dog. Furthermore, it loves the company of children and other animals, which makes it a rather easy cat to live with. With that being said, this cat can have separation anxiety because it does not handle solitude very well.

#4. Bombay

Many people think that the Bombay looks like a miniature version of a black panther. Its solid, black, and shiny coat paired with its big yellow eyes makes this cat breed looks like it has incredible charisma. In addition, the Bombay had a very muscular build and a proud look. Regarding this cat’s personality, it is rather sociable and loves children. It is also very affectionate character and need attention and cuddles daily. If you live in an apartment, this cat breed is ideal. It is also good to know that the Bombay loves to relax, sleep, be pampered, and is not a great fan of outdoor trips. For the most part, this cat is not very active. In order to prevent obesity, it is important to keep an eye on your Bombay’s diet.

Bombay cat breed
Bombay cat

#5. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is like a little lion. Its physical features are quite striking! The Abyssinian is an ancient cat breed but its origins remain rather unclear. Regarding its physical characteristics, its body is very balanced and its coat makes the Abyssinian look truly majestic. In addition, this cat breed is endowed with great intelligence. It is also very easy to live with. With that being said, this cat that needs a lot of interaction with humans because it tends to fall into depression if it is spends too much time alone. To keep your Abyssinian happy and stimulated, it’s important to play with it regularly. You should take the time to cuddle with your cat and give it a lot of attention. If its needs are not respected, this cat breed can become very demanding.

Abyssinian cat breed wild
Abyssianian cat

#6. Savannah

This cat breed is a cross between the Serval and domestic cats. The Serval is a large African wild cat. Because of this, the Savannah is very active. Additionally, this cat breed looks like a cheetah. Regarding the Savannah’s personality, it is active, playful, and loves to go outside to discover new things. It is also very attached to its family life. In addition, the Savannah is considered hypoallergenic.

Savannah cat

#7. Bengal

The Bengal has to be part of this list! This cat breed looks so much like a wild cat! The Bengal is a cat with a very harmonious physique. It has the coat and color of a leopard. In addition, this cat breed is very active. While this cat adapts well to different environments, it still needs enough space to run around and play.

Bengal cat breed wild
Bengal cat