10 things you didn’t know about ginger cats

No matter what breed or type of cat they are, ginger cats are unique and loveable cats! We love them for their gorgeous coats, their personalities, and for the particularities of their coat!

In this article, we list 10 things you probably didn’t know ginger cats!

#1. Ginger cats are usually male cats

You may not have known it, but in some cases, a cat’s coat is related to its gender. For instance, 80% of ginger cats are male. There are very few female cats with a red coat because of the sex chromosomes that they have. It is the “O” pigment gene which gives cats a red color. This gene connects to the X chromosome. Male cats, who have XY chromosomes, only need to inherit one “O” pigment gene in order to be a ginger cat. Females, who have XX chromosomes needs to have the “O” gene binded to both of their X chromosomes in order to obtain a red coat. This is much more complicated and therefore less likely. This is why there are very few female ginger cats.

#2. So many famous ginger cats!

We love seeing red cats on the big screen and in books! Ginger cats have inspired many authors, screenwriters, and directors. For example, the famous Garfield is a plump ginger cat who has made us laugh for so many years. There is also Puss in Boots from the film Shrek, who has a strong character and knows how to manipulate others with his adorable eyes! You have probably also noticed that in the Harry Potter series, Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks, is a ginger cat.

However, these cats aren’t just famous in movies! There are so many famous ginger cats on Instagram as well! For example, you can search up #gingercat on Instagram and you’ll find so many adorable cats!

A ginger cat asleep on the couch
A ginger cat asleep on the couch.

#3. 5 types of ginger coats

Not all ginger cats have the same pattern or markings. For example, cats can have a “mackerel”, “tabby”, or “striped” pattern.

If you are interested in learning more about coat patterns, you can take a look at this article: Cat coats: the different colors and markings

#4. Ginger cats can have freckles

Just like humans, ginger cats can have freckles. However, unlike human freckles, cat freckles are black. They can be present all over the body but are generally more abundant on the nose. In addition, the amount of freckles that a red cat has usually multiplies as they get older.

#5. Ginger cats have a strong personality

All red cat owners generally agree that their little ones have a strong character! However, just because they are known for having a lively and playful personality does not mean that ginger cats are not affectionate. These cats know how to show affection, while still keeping their rather independent and stubborn personality.

A ginger cat lying down on the couch
A ginger cat with green eyes lying on the sofa.

#6. Cat breeds that allow ginger fur

For some breed standards, a ginger coat is an eliminatory criterion. For others though, a red or orange color is allowed by the standard. Some of these include the Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest cat, Persian, American Bobtail, and British Shorthair breeds.

#7. So many perfect names!

When owners choose a name for their cat, they are often inspired by the color of their cat’s coat. That’s why there are many cats with names like Butterscotch, Apricot, Tiger, Honey, and Pumpkin. All of these names refer to red coats that vary from beige to a more pronounced red color!

#8. Pheomelanin

Did you know that their reddish orange color comes from a particular pigment? It’s called pheomelanin. This pigment is in the same family as melanin, which is also present in humans and other mammals. Everyone has more or less of it and it gives color to our skin and hair. However, the amount of the pigment determines the intensity of the red color. For example, a cat with a small amount of pheomelanin will have a beige toned coat while a cat with a lot of pheomelanin will have a more red colored coat.

A ginger kitten playing on the floor
A ginger kitten playing on the floor.

#9. Winston Churchill’s cat

Have you heard of Jock, Winston Churchill’s cat? This politician really loved cats! After Churchill lost his cat, Nelson, he decided to adopt Jock. Churchill and Jock were so close. In fact, he even nicknamed him “his private secretary”. Jock was even allowed to come to meetings during the war. It is also said that Winston Churchill refused to start his meal if his cat was not sitting near him!

#10. Unique cats

As you can see from the nine things that we mentioned earlier, ginger cats are very unique! Even though all cats are unique in their own way, these fire-colored cats are exceptional when it comes to their color, their behavior, and their personality. They are great pets and get along well with everyone!