Merle or harlequin dog breeds

Dog breeds with a merle or harlequin coat are incredibly stunning. They are often sought out for their unique coats.

A merle coat refers to a coat that has one dominant color and many markings that mix with the color. This type of coat is apparent on dogs from a very young age. There are two different types of merle: red and blue. They present different colors. It’s a bit like calico coats that cats have.

Dogs with merle or harlequin coats are determined by the breed that they are. The breed standards do not always give this characteristic the same name.

Did you know that dogs with merle or harlequin coats often have light-colored eyes or heterochromia (eyes that are different colors)? In fact, dogs with different colored eyes are very sought after because they give the dogs a very unique look.

Discover a few breeds that have a merle or harlequin coat: Australian Shepherd, the Beauceron, the Border Collie, and the Pyrenean Sheepdog.


The Beauceron is a short-haired herding dog that is also known as Berger de Beauce and Bas Rouge.