Medium-long hair cat breeds

Medium-long hair cat breeds have a wonderful balance between longhair and shorthair coats. They sport a plush coat with shorter hairs that aid with grooming.

A number of cat breeds fall within this medium-long category. Short-haired varieties of the same breed may even be accepted by some breed standards.

It is important to select an appropriate diet for your medium-long hair breed. This will help to prevent hair loss, including unwanted hairballs. Access to catnip or grass/cat grass is recommended to aid with hairball regulation.

Similar to longhair cats, medium-long hair breeds shed, particularly according to the seasons. This means they will require regular grooming. This is a characteristic to consider when deciding on the type of breed ideal to your lifestyle.

Medium-long hair cat breeds include the Maine Coon, the American Curl, the Burmese, the Norwegian Forest cat, the Siberian, the Ragdoll, the Turkish Angora, the Somali, and the Balinese, among others.

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