The Affenpinscher is a small terrier of German origin. It measures between 25 and 30 cm (≈ 9.8 and 11.8 in) at the withers and weighs around 4 to 6 kg ( 8.8 to 13.2 lbs). They have an average lifespan of around 15 years and it has robust health. Be careful, however, the Affenpinscher does not tolerate heat well due to its small muzzle. You should keep an eye on your dog during heat waves.

Centuries ago, this dog was a guardian and rat catcher on farms and stables. Later, this breed found its way into the homes of the German aristocracy.

The Affenpinscher has qualities that make it an absolutely endearing companion. While they are affectionate with their family, they are also independent and very intelligent dogs. It is important to note that this breed needs moments alone from time to time. One of the qualities of this breed is that they are not bothered when you have to leave the house. With that being said, this breed is known for being stubborn and needs firm, frequent, and positive training.

In addition, this dog is full of energy and very active.

This dog breed has a thick and rough coat. The hair is long and shaggy, especially around its head. In general, the Affenpinscher is black. This breed must be brushed frequently to avoid knots.

The first breed standard for the Affenpinscher was established in 1897 by the German Pinscher Club.


The Affenpinscher is an affectionate, fearless, and curious dog breed of German origin. These dogs have the ability to amuse …