Top 10 American cat breeds

American cat breed Somali cat

Cats are very popular in the United States, and many households have at least one. In fact, there are 90 million cats in the United States. American households are home to cat breeds such as Persian cats and Siamese cats, as well as breeds created on American territory. The most popular of these is the Maine Coon. However, these are not the only cats to melt the hearts of cats lovers all of the world. Read on to learn about the top 10 American cat breeds!

The most famous American cat breeds

More than 53 cat breeds were created in the United States! However, among these cat breeds, a few are more popular than others.

Maine Coon

Let’s start with the king of cats in the United States: the Maine Coon! Legends say that this large cat came from a cross between cats and raccoons. Even if the exact origin of this cat breed is not known, we believe that they come from a cross between long-haired and short-haired cats. The first Maine Coon was found in the same state as their name: Maine. The breed was recognized in the 1860s. A female Maine Coon (named Cosey) was presented in 1895 at the National Cat Show in North America.

The breed was a hit, but after the Second World War, there was a brutal decline and they were even considered extinct in the 1950s. However, Maine Coon lovers reacted and made the beed famous across the country and then the world. This cat has since become the little cutie of so many people around the world.

The personality of the Maine Coon

Cats owners love their affection and calm character. This cat likes being with their owner and loves being petted. They know how to adapt and can even be trained. In addition, they can live with dogs and other animals without a problem. Another characteristic of this cat: they like water and can swim for fun.

You will not hear the Maine Coon meow. The sounds that they produce is closer to a high chirp rather than a meow.


The Raggamuffin traces its origins back to California, to a Persian cat breeder. The breeder adopted a wild cat that was pregnant. This cat almost got into a car accident and it completely changed her character. Even though she started off with a wild personality, she became gentle and affectionate. This behavior was found in her kittens as well. The breeder then turned her attention to this litter, which was to be the origin of Ragdolls, the ancestors of Raggamuffins. That was back in the year 1974. The breeder wanted to keep control of these small creations and imposed strict rules on other breeders.

Twenty years later, the breeders that refused to have themselves be told what to do created a new breed from the Ragdolls: the Raggamuffin. To do this, the Ragdolls were crossed with Persian cats and other long-haired car breed. The breed was recognized the World Cat Federation (WCF) in 2009.

The personality of the Raggamuffin

These cats have a rare gentleness. They like to cuddle with their owners and play. In addition, the Raggamuffin is very gentle and can learn commands. These cats really enjoy pleasing their owner.

This is a perfect cat for people who live in an apartment. They are not a big fan of physical activity. Some Raggamuffin owners say that their cat acts like a dog. They are patient with children and strangers and loving being taken care of. Raggamuffins can sometimes be really attached to their owners!

This is a cat that does not get stressed a lot. They handle moving and vacations well as long as they are with their owner. Because they aren’t at all wary, it’s best to keep these cats at home because they do not recognize when there is danger.

York Chocolate

The breed was first created in the state of New York at the beginning of the 1980s. Farmers took in kittens from a black and white longhaired female and a black male. Among these kittens, a female kitten stood out because of her long brown and white coat. One year later, another litter was born. Among these kittens, a male with a long black coat and a brown undercoat caught the attention of breeders. These two kittens were crossed together to create a breed. Stunning brown kittens saw the light of day and changed the lives of their owners. Janet Chiefari, at the origin of these crosses, decided to dedicate herself to these kittens and create a breed with this unique color. In 1989, she opened a catterie and a few months later presented a cat (Prince) at a cat show and won! The breed was named York Chocolate.

The personality of the York Chocolate

York Chocolates are close to their owners and love hugs and attention. With an easy-going personality, they like to participate in all of the tasks of their owner. They do not handle loneliness well. Because they are very friendly, they get along with children and other pets. In addition, they are active, they like to move and can even swim because they like water.

This cat prefers to purr rather than meow. They make it known to their owner when they are happy.


This cat is an Abyssinian with a long coat. Since the beginning, breeders noted the presence of some long-haired Abyssinian kittens in their litters, but they put them aside. It wasn’t until 1967 that a breeder (Evelyn Mague) set the criteria for this breed and created a cat with a medium-long coat. She gave this cat the name Somali in reference to the origins of the Abyssinian cat.

The breed was recognized in 1978 and was very successful.

The personality of the Somali

This was an American cat that, at first glance, can seem very shy. But when they feel good, they can be much more bold. These cats have an alert and dynamic character. This is a pleasant companion that is affectionate with the members of their family.

They do not like to closed up, and for this reason, have a hard time getting used to life in an apartment. A garden will be perfect for this hunter.

A Somali cat American breed
The name Somali refers to the origins of the Abyssinian.


This cat breed came from a cross between domestic cats (Siamese cats and Egyptian Maus) and wild cats (Servals). the first Savannah cat was born in 1986. The crosses lasted and the breed has been enriched by various kittens. In 2001, the breed was recognized by the TICA. Since then, they participated in numerous cat shows.

The personality of the Savannah

Even though this cat had wild ancestors, it is still an agreeable and affectionate cat. They love their owners and love making them happy. They could be walked on leashes and like water.

It’s nevertheless a cat that doesn’t handle life in an apartment well. Savannah cats need to move outside and can run away. This cat likes humans, but they can have a hard time with birds, fish, or other rodent pets. Do not forget that this cat breed came from wild cats.


When we see this cat, we automatically think of the Persian cat. However, the Himalayan cat is an American cat breed. The birth of this cat breed goes back to the 20th century. Breeders wanted to obtain cats with the coat of Persian cats and the color of Siamese cats. Different crosses brought the birth of this colorpoint breed, recognized in 1957 by the CFA.

In the 1960s, Himalayans were no longer crossed between themselves. Their characteristic flat Persian facial features gradually disappeared. Breeders wanted to go back to the initial characteristics of the breed and in the 1970s started to cross Persian cats with the breed again. The Himalayan started to have a flattened face again. Very close to the Persian cat, multiple federations (like the CFA) considered it to be the variant of this breed. Others, likes the TICA, saw this cat as a distinct breed. While the Himalayan cat is very popular in the United States, it is not very popular outside of the country.

The personality of the Himalayan

The Himalayan cat combines the personality of their two ancestors. They are patient and calm like the Persian cat, but also enjoy activities and games like the Siamese cat. It’s an agreeable cat. Sometimes, they can be very moody and settle into their corner without moving. This sulkiness can be due to a gesture from their owner that displeased them. If their owner refuses a cuddle session, for example, this American cat breed can show their dissatisfaction. The Himalayan is particularly attached to their owner. They can even appear a bit snobby.

They handle living in an apartment very well and will not try to run away to discover the world.

Unique American cat breeds

Several American cat breeds are rather original and unique. For example, they have short tails, curly coats, or are even hairless.

American Bobtail

The very small tail of the American Bobtail gave this cat its name. This particularity is found in other cats around the world and was developed to create several breeds like the Japanese Bobtail and the Manx.

The beginnings of this breed started in the 1960s. After a stay on an Arizona Indian reservation, a couple brought home a short-tailed kitten. This couple had a female crossed Siamese cat that gave birth to several kittens with small tails as well. Two friends of the couple then wanted to create a new breed. The beginnings were difficult, the cats presented many inbreeding problems. They then brought in short-tailed cats found throughout the United States. Their wish was to obtain cats with long hair and short tails, but the idea of the long hair was quickly abandoned. The crosses rarely gave the desired result. As the new breed took shape, it’s worth noting that no pedigree cat was used to create the American Bobtail, which is a rarity in the world of cat breeding.

In 1989, the breed was recognized by The International Cat Association. The breed stays still a discreet breed and only passionate cat lovers know about them.

The personality of the American Bobtail

With that being said, this cat is kind and calm that brings their owners happiness. To make them happy, all you have to do is be with them and hug them. They like children and are not shy with strangers. Nevertheless, you need to make sure that no one plays with their tail, they hate that!

The American Bobtail is very sociable and gets along well with dogs. However, if you have a pet rodent, you need to be very careful, their hunting instincts are still present and even though they are kind, hunting a mouse is still an unparalleled pleasure for this feline.

This cat likes to learn and can surprise you. They can open doors and windows. You need to remember because the American Bobtail likes to go on walks. It’s a curious cat that can run away. Their curiosity allows them to handle new things like moving. You can take advantage of their desire to discover the world by sharing unique moments walking them on a leash. The American Bobtail really enjoys this!

Elf cat

This breed is recent since they first saw the light of day in 2007. A cross between the Sphynx and the American Curl brought this breed. Smooth skin, a sleek silhouette, and big ears that distinguish it from the Sphinx: these are the characteristics of this little cat. When this cat breed is born, the Elf cat is all wrinkled. Then, their hairless skin gets smoother, except around the shoulders, the muzzle, and their ears that keep their wrinkles .

The personality of the Elf cat

The Elf cat is intelligent and sociable. They love being looked at. In addition, they love their owners and follow them everywhere. Their passion is being on the lap or arms of the owners.

With an easy-going character, they get along with everyone, even other pets. One of the downsides of this American cat breed is that they hate solitude. The Elf cat needs their owner by their side to be happy.

As they are playful, they love having a lot of toys and having fun with members of their family.

Like all hairless cat, they are sensitive to temperatures and need to be protected from the cold and sun rays. Sunscreen adapted to babies’ sensitive skin in summer and a warm sweater in winter will make life easier.


Among the rare American cat breeds, you will also find the Minskin. If you can’t resist hairless cats, the Minskin will definitely capture your attention. Bare skin and surprisingly small legs characterize this original little feline. There are three types of Minskin. The first doesn’t have any hair. The second has very short hair. The third type refers to cats with a hairless body but with certain parts covered with thin hair: the paws, the tail, ears, and on the face. The hair of the Minskin feels like a very soft blanket.

As soon as this cat walks into a room, they capture everyone’s attention. It’s true that this breed is very unique. Their normal-sized body contrasts with their very small legs and large ears. These characteristics come from the idea of the breeder who wanted to find the particularities of the Corgi in a cat. The breeder tried different crosses between Munchkins, the Sphyx, the Birman cat, and the Devon Rex. After a few years, he obtained this small cat. This breed is very recent and hasn’t yet been recognized internationally.

The personality of the Minskin

This cat has a passion for hugs and can spend an entire days without leaving the lap of their owner and getting petted. Even their meal is less important for them than this. These cats are very kind, getting along well with strangers and other animals in the house. This cat doesn’t like violence and doesn’t handle aggression well. If you have children, they need to be kind and respectful with your Minskin.

As these cats are intelligent, they like when their owner teaches them new things through games.

Selkirk Rex

Another breed that is not very well-known! The Selkirk Rex is a curly haired cat. The first traces of this breed go back to the year 1987. A litter of abandoned cats were taken in by an animal rescue in Wyoming. Among these kittens, a female kitten had a curly coat. This cat was crossed with a Persian cat. Six kittens saw the light of day and three of them had this unique coat. One of these kittens had this curly hair but with longer hair. The breeder continued her attempts and set the breed characteristics: long or short curly coat with a large body. The physical features of this cat makes this cat look like a sheep.

When we see this little ball of fur, we often have the impression that we are in the presence of a teddy bear. Their personality is not at all like this! This cats has a very a strong character. Even if this is a calm cat, they can have intense moments playing with their family. They are really attached to their owners. As these cats are patient, they adapt to children as long as they are respected. They do not appreciate it when they are not left at peace when they need it and will put their paws to good use to make themselves understood!

The personality of the Selkirk Rex

These cats like their family, but they like to have a preference for one person in particular. They follow them everywhere, wanting to sleep by their side, loving being on their lap. Always in search of hugs, they will not hesitate to ask for them. They will also meow until they get what they want. In addition, they do not like to be alone. Another cat or little dog can keep this cat breed company.

They do not have very developed hunting instincts and can share the house with a bird or a rodent, as long as they do not trespass on their territory.

As Selkirk Rexes are sociable and playful, they like to share with others.

Selkirk Rex American breed
The Selkirk Rex is a cat breed with a curly coat.