How do I choose the right treats for my cat?

Cat smell and observe treat

Are you interested in giving treats to your cat? To keep your cat in good health, it is important to choose the right treats. In this article, we will help you make the best choice for your cat.

Ideal treats

There are a variety of treats for every kind of pet. However, choosing the right treats for your pet can be complicated.

It is important to choose your cat’s treats well to guarantee that they stay in good health. You can identify treats good quality treats by reading the labels and ingredient list on the packaging.

100% natural or organic

If the label states that the treat is 100% natural or organic, you can rest assured they were only made with natural ingredients. This means that there are no chemical additives. It also means that the treats do not contain any colorants or conservatives that can be toxic for your cat’s health.

100% pure meat or fish

Some cat treat manufacturers include bits and pieces of animal parts such as carcasses, bones and ground beaks in their treats. If you want to ensure that your cat is eating actual meat, you need to search for treats that are “100% pure meat or fish”.

If you choose food with this label, you can be sure that you are getting products made from good cuts of meat or fish. In addition, your cat will be eating high-quality food.

Protein-rich treats with few ingredients

Even though treats are not part of a cat’s daily diet, it is important that they eat treats that are high in protein. These protein-rich supplements provide them with the energy they need.

Treats that are manufactured with less ingredients reduces the risk of allergies in cats. For this reason, it is best to prioritize treats with a short list of healthy ingredients.

Avoid these treats at all costs!

Cats’ stomachs are not able to digest many types of human food. For this reason, it is important to be careful with what you feed them. If cats eat unhealthy treats, it could cause them to develop diseases such as diabetes, obesity, or cancer.

Foods containing dangerous ingredients

Foods that contain chocolate are toxic for cats. Chocolate is made from cacao which contains theobromine, a highly toxic molecule for cats. In addition, it takes around 18 hours for cats to digest chocolate.

In addition, treats that contain cheese or soy are also not good for cats. Other treats to avoid are treats with conservatives, colorants, and other chemical additives.

Foods that are too fatty, salty, or sugary

Foods that contain a large amount of salt could damage the kidneys of cats and cause them to have high blood pressure. To avoid any risk of diabetes, it is necessary to avoid sugary foods. When looking for treats, read the ingredient list on the packaging before you purchase them. Some manufacturers put a small amount of sugar in their treats to make them more appetizing.

You should also avoid giving table scraps or other human foods to your cat. Leftovers often have too much spices and burn your cat’s stomach. When foods are not specifically made for cats, they can cause cats to gain weight.

What kind of treats are the right treats for my cat?

Many different forms of treats exist. For example, there are crunchy treats, sticks, and lickable treats. There are even treats in the forms of toys. We will describe a few of them here to help you choose the right treats for your cat.

Crunchy treats have a crunchy outside that attracts cats. The inside of this treat can be smooth, soft or tender. These types of treats are available in different flavors such as salmon and chicken.

Sticks are one of the types of treats that cats really enjoy. They are rather hard and crunchy. Made with meat or fish, these treats allow cats to chew. This helps prevents teeth-related issues.

The texture of lickable treats is perfect for finicky cats who do not enjoy crunchy treats as much. These pastes are also rich in water. One advantage of this treat is that you can use it to make your cat take their medicine when needed. All you have to do is cover the medicine with the lickable paste so that they do not notice that it is there.

If you want to make your own treats for your cat, you can try a recipe with tuna and oats. Oats have healthy fats and fiber. It is also beneficial because it helps regulate the cholesterol and glucose level of your cat. Do not put any sugar, salt, or spices in your preparation.

Whatever type of treat that you decide to get, it is important to take into account different aspects of your cat as well.

For instance, cats that are spayed or neutered can easily gain weight. They, therefore, need treats with a lower calorie content. For diabetic cats, it is best to offer treats that are low in carbohydrates.

If your cat has digestive problems, it is best to give treats without grains. There are also treats that help with oral hygiene that you can give to your cat if they have teeth problems. By chewing them, these treats limit the buildup of tartar.

Owner giving treat to cat
It is important to choose your cat’s treats well to guarantee that they stay in good health.

Why should I give treats to my cat?

Treats are generally used to make cats happy. It also allows cat owners to bond with their cats.

It is also helps improve a cat’s health. Treats have many vitamins that are beneficial for a cat’s health. These include vitamin B6, which boosts the immune system, and vitamin E, which helps slow the degeneration that occurs with age. They also contain vitamin B8, which contributes to making a cat’s coat shine.

Treats also prevent hairballs. In addition, they are useful for training cats. You can offer treats to your cat when they do something good to encourage them to keep this good behavior.

How often should I give treats to my cat?

Even if your cat loves eating treats, they should not replace your cat’s meal. Use them sparingly. Treats are very rich and contain more fat than other types of food for cats such as dry food and wet food. So, if your cat consumes them regularly in large quantities, they can become obese.